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Board of Trustees

Politz’s growth and success have been enhanced by the active participation of our lay leaders, who strive to enable all parents to participate in the educational experience of their children. As the guardian of the school’s mission, it is the Board’s responsibility to ensure that Politz Day School’s initiatives are appropriate, relevant, and vital to the community it serves. Working in close partnership with the Head of School, the Board guides and supports Politz in the successful fulfillment of its mission. If you would like to get involved or have a particular area of expertise to share with Politz, please feel free to contact any of the officers of the Board of Trustees, listed below.

Alise Panitch, Co-President
Sabrina Spector, Co-President

Talia Hollander, Vice President
Daniel Drabkin, Vice President
Sabra Hess, Vice President

Elad Rosin, Treasurer

Chaim Blumberg, Secretary

Members at Large
Neal Cupersmith
Jenni Fischman
Rabbi Jonathan Bienenfeld
Danielle Kimchi
Steve Rosen
Amy Halickman
Ari Daniels
Neil Levin
Zack Grayson
Dr. Michael Partnow
Dr. Andrew Mulberg
Susan Kiejdan Bierig
Avrumi Sharabi
Sara Baker
Dr. Hannah Kaufman
Harvey Mindel

Rabbinic Leadership
Rabbi Bernard E. Rothman, Dean
Rabbi Chaim Greenwald, Head of School