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Mission Statement

Politz Day School is a nurturing and dynamic Modern Orthodox school serving the South Jersey Jewish community. We lay the foundation for academic, spiritual and professional success by providing a comprehensive Judaic and General education imbued with devotion to Torah, commitment to character development, dedication to community engagement and a deep connection to the State of Israel.

Core Values

Academic Excellence: To cultivate an environment of academic excellence built upon a vibrant, research-based curriculum, and to empower students to achieve personal excellence by teaching them how to learn. To provide and encourage both boys and girls with opportunities to analyze, create and pursue new intellectual challenges across the academic spectrum.

Ahavat Yisrael and Kedushat Yisrael · Love of Israel and the Sanctity of the Jewish People: To instill a love for all Jewish people, a commitment to the land and State of Israel and an appreciation of the Hebrew language through its study and application. To understand and appreciate G-d’s presence in the world and to sanctify our lives through daily study and practice of Torah and mitzvot.

Chanoch L’naar Al Pi Darcho ∙ Educate Each Child According to their Way: To recognize the individuality of every student and to provide opportunities that allow each child to grow and thrive according to their own needs and potential.

Middot and Derech Eretz ∙ Character Development and Respectful Behavior: To help our students internalize the inherent value of all people and learn the art of interacting with others in a way that befits B’nei Torah. To develop young leaders who respect others’ dignity and possess a strong sense of responsibility to both the Jewish community and society as a whole.

Torah U’Madah · Torah and Secular Knowledge: To promote the belief that the acquisition of all knowledge—both Judaic and general—is of intrinsic value and is essential to the growth of our students.

Parent-School Partnership: To inspire parents to become active participants in their child’s education, development and growth, as well as in the broader school community. To partner with parents, professionals and lay leaders to ensure the optimal education for each child.