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Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Resource Facilities

As part of our mission to help each student reach his or her potential, Politz has developed a successful resource department to aid individual student needs. Whether a student is gifted in a particular area or has special needs, Politz has the resources and ability to provide support tailored to the needs of the student in most circumstances. Our Judaic Studies and General Studies resource faculty, together with parents and teachers, form a team to evaluate needs and goals and ensure success for each student.

Counseling Department

In addition to the educational support available to our students, we have a team of talented and highly regarded school counselors at Politz. Our Guidance Counselor and Behavioral Specialist work in tandem to provide support to students and parents when issues of concern arise, whether they are social, emotional, or otherwise. The counseling department trains middles school students as “Peace Squad” members and run many other innovative programs to engage our students.