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PPTA (Politz Parents Teacher Association)

PPTA (Politz Parents Teachers Association)

Mission Statement

We are a team of parents and community members who care about Politz Day School. Our mission is to:

  • Be a voice for the parent body. This includes active expressions of appreciation between the parents and school, and vice versa. It also includes constructive feedback and opportunities to open dialogue about desired changes and improvements in school policy, etc. where warranted.
  • Engage Parents. Provide social, recreational, and educational opportunities for parents to connect and engage with one another and the school.
  • Enhance and augment existing school programs. Develop programs and activities to engage and enrich students.
  • Appreciate Staff. Use many forms of giving (gifts, recognition, and other feel-good measures) to express appreciation for school staff and reward excellence.

If you’d like to volunteer or get involved, please email