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Hebrew Language & Israel Education

Hebrew Language & Israel Education

Ivrit (Hebrew Language)

Our Ivrit program strives to instill a commitment to Israel and an appreciation of the Hebrew language in every student. Taught by native Hebrew-speaking language specialists, the SAFA program is driven to help students become conversant in Modern Hebrew. The faculty employs best practices in differentiated instruction to help maximize each child’s learning experience. Starting in the Early Childhood Program and continuing throughout Elementary School, students learn to read, write, listen and speak contemporary Israeli Hebrew. They feel comfortable applying their newly-honed Hebrew language skills in conversation with both peers and teachers. The Middle School’s new Ivrit curriculum, Ulpan-Or, employs a trail-blazing, holistic approach based on three main pillars: rapid language acquisition; interactive and highly relevant materials to encourage creative student engagement; and the use of modern technology. Designed specifically for application in “blended learning” environments, the curriculum enables students to achieve swift language proficiency, while also preparing them for more advanced Hebrew language studies in high school. Students gain a deeper appreciation of Hebrew while mastering the four key communicative skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Israel Education

Israel education is central to Politz’s mission. Our goal is to help students develop lifelong spiritual and emotional bonds with the land and the people of Israel. We consciously integrate Israel studies into all aspects of the academic curriculum, giving students the tools to actively participate in the global conversation about Israel. In Chumash and Navi, students are exposed to the geography and history of the Land of Israel through study of biblical sources. In Mishna and Gemara, older students learn about Israel’s mitzvot and internalize the millennia-long connection to our homeland. In Ivrit, students become familiar with the culture, history, literature and current events of modern-day Israel while building language proficiency. The excitement and energy are palpable throughout the school during our annual celebrations of Yom Hazikaron, Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim. Israel is also at the heart of many of our special programs, including Project David, documentary films, advocacy opportunities and visits by Israeli Shlichim. Our SAFA faculty serve as superb role models and play a major role in instilling Ahavat Yisrael (love of Israel) in our students. A significant number of Politz alumni choose to defer their college acceptances to spend a year studying in Israeli yeshivas and seminaries. We take great pride in the numerous graduates who have demonstrated their commitment to Israel and the Jewish people by making Aliyah or by serving in the IDF.